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Disturbed Earth | Poppies In Remembrance of D-Day

With today the 6th June marking the 70 year anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy during WWII, I thought it an ideal time to share some images I took during our recent trip to Thézan in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. Before writing this, I didn’t even know why it was called ‘D-Day’. All I really knew is we are all truly thankful for those who risked (and lost) their lives as part of the Allied forces that freed Europe from the tyranny of Nazi Germany. But I have to admit my knowledge is patchy at best (thanks a mil, National Curriculum, for furnishing me with unparalleled insight into the Weimar Republic, while managing to teach me ZERO about the actual wars).

Birdwatch & Bradgate Park

On an unremarkable Sunday in January, everything looks miserable and grey outside. Nonetheless, spurred on by excellent blogger Siobhan Watts, whose recent post on her lovely website celebrates the simple pleasure of getting out and enjoying creating images from the everyday, I decided to embrace this lacklustre day. After taking part in the RSPB’s birdwatch, I grabbed my camera and headed out…

Featured - Camera Fetish - Part Two

Camerafetish Part Two

Generally, most photographers tend to stick to either Canon or Nikon kit when it comes to digital SLR. Because of the interchangeable nature of accessories, it makes sense to buy from the same manufacturer to ensure all your gear is compatible. Everyone has their own personal reasons for their preference. As I mentioned in Camerafetish Part One, my relationship with photography stems from my Dad, he always had Canon gear and so it feels familiar and reliable to me and was a natural choice.

Featured - Camera Fetish - Part One

Camerafetish Part One

A fetish can be described as the attribution of religious or mystical qualities to inanimate objects. I’m not a religious person, but I can certainly identify with this concept of reverie for particular objects. For many people it’s shoes, handbags even. Not me. While I have my fair share of both shoes and handbags, my biggest weakness is cameras. And lenses. And camera bags. Prompted by the recent arrival of my iPhone 5s, selected for its advanced photographic technology, I did a stock-take at the weekend of my cameras. Including said iPhone I have seven, each really rather different from the next in terms of function, technology, cost and not least how much I actually use each one, ranging from every day to barely-even-picked-up.