Broombriggs Community Orchard

We’re fortunate enough to live next to Broombriggs Farm, a country park which is part of the National Forest. We walk Olive here every day, and from my desk in our garden studio, I watch the seasons change over these fields so it holds a special place in our hearts. So much so, we had some of our wedding portraits taken here (image above). I was really excited to learn that a portion of the site was going to become a community orchard for our village, and volunteers were being sought to help bring it to life…

Featured - Tipi Wedding

A Birling Manor Tipi Wedding

Outdoor weddings do not have to be the sole preserve of the summer months provided you have the right shelter in place. Kåta tents, or as they are more commonly known, Giant Hat Tipis have been popular for weddings for quite some time now but amazingly, this weekend was the first time I had attended a tipi wedding myself. Mr. Nice Out and I had considered kåtas for our own wedding, but the ‘tented’ portion of our day was only for the period during the meal, and tipis are far from a budget option at the best of times. To use them for just a couple of hours felt excessive. I also had reservations about the enclosed nature of tipis since there is no middle ground, the sides are either up or down. For our springtime wedding with rain likely, I felt that having the sides down (as they would inevitably have to be) could feel a bit claustrophobic. There’s no denying their appeal though, inherently rustic, a tipi wedding is the ultimate glamp, so I was really excited to experience one in person.