Granola Recipe Bowl

Ultimate Granola Recipe

I’ve been making and refining this recipe week-in week-out for years. My first experience of home-made granola was when we visited fabulous Fforest; their recipe is a closely guarded secret but we loved it so much I was inspired to devise my own.

25 Mile Cardigan

Recommended | The 25 Mile

Much of Phil’s day job involves utilising sustainable technologies and manufacturing processes in the context of commercial design. Sharing this aim is one of his inspirations, entrepreneur David Hieatt; who among other accolades is co-founder of the Do Lectures. We’ve been closely following the fortunes of his recently launched jeans brand Hiut Denim; its mantra being to ‘do one thing well’ by bringing jeans manufacturing back to West Wales.

With all this in mind, we were looking forward to our chance to go and see for ourselves whether Hieatt’s foodie venture, The 25 Mile has succeeded in it’s goal to ‘get good at what it’s doing’. I’m glad to say we weren’t disappointed.

Featured - Blackberry Traybake

A Blackberry and Apple Traybake Recipe

The hedgerows are brimming with fruit this time of year and I love to take a bag on my walks and see what I can gather. I’m no seasoned forager so tend to stick to familiar berries, and blackberries being so profuse and versatile (and easy to identify!) are a favourite. Last week we took a walk around nearby Rough Hill, a conservation site in the National Forest. The hedges were a riot of colour, groaning with berries in gorgeous shades of yellow, orange, crimson and darkest purple.

Featured - 5 Cosy Cafés

Favourite Five Cosy Cafés

I love collecting the first conkers of autumn and stuffing them into the pockets of my tweed coat, piling on the woollen blankets and stargazing with a glass of wine in hand. As features editor for Practical Caravan and Practical Motorhome magazines, I’m lucky enough to have a job that positively encourages me to be outside. And I never leave home without my wells. Here’s some of my favourite places for getting cosy this season.

Featured - Super Spicy Squash Soup

Super Spicy Squash Soup Recipe

It’s All-Hallows Eve and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are fit to bursting with children looking (even more) ghoulish and fabulous pumpkin creations. What better time to share a spooky stroll and perfect pumpkin recipe. One blustery late October Saturday, we headed out with Olive to the nearby country park, not before I’d dug a big butternut squash out of the pantry so it would be the first thing I’d see on our return and I wouldn’t get distracted before making my tried and tested roast butternut squash and chilli soup.