Woodhouse Eaves Scarecrow Festival

& Our Happy Camper Scarecrow

After a Saturday of torrential downpour, the tradition of previous years was not broken when the sun shone once again on the Woodhouse Eaves Scarecrow Festival. With a record 50 entries and a new online voting system, the annual event is bigger and better than ever.

The atmosphere is brilliant with people wandering around finding all the scarecrows dotted about the village. There is a programme to buy with proceeds going to the village Scouts, which has a map showing the locations of each scarecrow and there's food, a craft fair and entertainment at the village hall.

Everyone tends to theme their scarecrows and part of the fun is thinking up a theme and seeing what everyone else has done. This year I thought it would be fun and easy to do a camping scarecrow so I borrowed a friends festival tent (there was no WAY I was hauling up the Outwell on my own!) and set about creating a mini camping scene. Part of my thinking was that if I could sit it in a moon chair I wouldn't have to find a way of standing it up, which is the hard part!

I used the body parts from last years Scuba diver and dressed it in outdoorsy garms and the 70's wig from Phil's Bestival costume. A few bits of strategically placed camping paraphernalia and the basset hound door stop completed the ensemble.

I overheard one observer remark that our scarecrow was lacking the obligatory straw. True that, but in the absence of straw I deem inflatable retail mannequins and polystyrene heads to be perfectly acceptable contemporary substitutes.

As ever, there were some brilliant entries. The effort people go to is astounding. My favourites were this satirical Loch Ness Monster (Alex Salmond is popping out of the wheelie bin in the background) and my friends highly impressive "Straw Wars"

Scarecrow festivals seem to be growing in number and popularity across the UK which can only be a good thing. What could be more heartwarming than the whole community getting together in a lighthearted, creative way and enjoying the outdoors?

I'd love to hear about other similar events and any ideas people may have for next years' creation...

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