Camping Scarecrow

Woodhouse Eaves Scarecrow Festival

After a Saturday of torrential downpour, the tradition of previous years was not broken when the sun shone once again on the Woodhouse Eaves Scarecrow festival. With a record 50 entries and a new online voting system, the annual event is bigger and better than ever.

Featured - Scuba Diving Scarecrow

Step-By-Step Scuba Scarecrow

On a beautiful October day, it was indeed very nice out for our annual village scarecrow trail. This fundraising event organised by the local scout group brings a festival atmosphere to the streets. There’s something eerily magical about the way the scene is transformed overnight as these peculiar creations quietly appear outside homes all over the village. I thought it might be interesting to reveal the steps we took to create this scuba-scarecrow.

Featured - Collection Art

How To Create Collection Art

One of my favourite atists is Camilla Engman, a Swedish illustrator who produces unique and whimsical paintings and illustrations. Camilla also creates beautiful pieces of collection art, whereby she gathers and arranges found objects and photographs them, creating beautiful imagery. Generally, the objects which feature in these pieces are natural items found in the great outdoors, often during her walks with her adorable terrier, Morran.