Charlie 'Cwtchy' Magness

As much as I would gladly spend every weekend west of the border, it’s sadly not possible so I’m so glad Charlie can sprinkle a bit of Welsh magic over these pages. Happy camper and budding photographer Charlie shares her best-kept secrets on her favorite places to camp, walk and dine in the land of the valleys and dragons.

Claire 'Ree' Walker

Spontaneous and fun-loving, Claire is ALWAYS up for new adventures. A keen camper and avid traveller, along with her Turkish fiancée, watersports expert Ahmet, Claire will give anything a go. Cricket-mad Claire is equally happy soaking up the rays with a Strongbow at Trent Bridge as she is playing rounders till sunset on a Welsh campsite.

Clare 'Red' Kelly

Clare’s wanderlust and zest for life plays out in an ever-changing multitude of outdoor adventures. Fortunate (and talented) enough to travel and write for a living, Clare captures the essence of her expeditions in words and beautiful photography bursting with glorious colour and imagery. A true creative, when she’s not crafting something unique, Clare can be found fronting ‘Red Kelly’ for whom she is lead vocalist. It's lovely to have a proper journalist sharing their thoughts and pictures with It’s Nice Out!

Phil Lurcock

Phil is a true cross-country enthusiast. Whether it's black-run mountain biking, running or just walking the dog, he's happiest in the great outdoors. A gear-geek, Phil will agonise over every kit purchase and it is guaranteed that he will always manage to find the most advanced product for the very best possible value.

Sara 'Backpacker' Magness

Bookworm and self-confessed introvert Sara caught the travel bug when she decided to give up her full-time London job to explore Europe. A big believer in ditching the public transport and putting on the walking shoes, Sara shares her favourite outdoor experiences from her trip, as well as some tips for anyone else planning a backpacking adventure.